CheckMate Software

Optional accessory for CubeTape

CubeTape and CheckMate

– an End to End solution

Cubetape + CheckMate is all you need for highly mobile and precise volumetric data capture true costings, greater productivity and reduced revenue leakage

Checkmate software provides a simple approach to capturing and consolidating operational data in Transport and Logistics businesses

It runs on an Android Device (smart phone to tablet). CheckMate delivers CSV file by email in stand-alone mode and can be used also in network mode with real time data capture.

Two main components

  • An Android client application which captures and records data from connected Cubetape barcode scanner + dimensioner and optionally weight information using Bluetooth scales and pictures using the internal camera, and allows the data to be sent to a PC / server to be consolidated using the CheckMate Enterprise.
  • The CheckMate Enterprise application which receives and consolidates data from multiple Android clients, allowing staff to view, edit, search, select and export all data for integration with other back office processes including billing, revenue protection and customer service. Also a number of API’s can be used by MWS / ERP systems from the customers to process the captured data into their main software package in real time.


  • Online data transfer direct from Cubetape devices on a record by record basis over Bluetooth Serial connection to an Android device.
  • Optional capture and integration of weight data from 1 or 2 connected scales.
  • Optional capture and integration of a number of pictures

Selection of display items including: Serial Number, Barcode, Barcode2, Barcode3, Length, Width, Height, Units, Pieces, Weight, Volume, Operator ID, pictures, Date and Time, Device Name.


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