Pallet dimensioner

Product name: Cubetape C190PRO

Pallet dimensioning revenue protection in terminals and freight depots

Equipped with a Cubetape pallet dimensioner, a W&I Inspector can collect the dimensions for 30 – 50% more shipments during their shift.

The inspector scans the Pro#, records the dimensions and the data is stored within Cubetape. After recording up to 600 different shipments, the data is quickly uploaded to the carrier’s billing system so that the actual shipment density can be compared against the freight classification reported by the shipper.

Because a single inspector can make many more inspections compared to manual methods and data entry, a single Cubetape C190PRO pallet dimensioner unit can pay for itself in a single week. Cubetape is NTEP approved.


Requiring minimum operator training, the Cubetape PRO pallet dimensioner is used in the same way as a tape measure. Automatic data transfer and a user-friendly Human Machine Interface reduce human-error.

Simple Interfacing

Easy 2 minute install to supported weighing platforms.

Robust and Reliable

Designed for use in industrial environments, the Cubetape C190PRO pallet dimensioner is protected by a durable rubber cover. High quality electronics ensure accuracy and reliability over time user replaceable pre certified tape cassettes are available from your dealer.


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