The Cubetape C200W is designed for use in shipping, warehouse and revenue management applications with integration and data transfer using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It will:

  • eliminate errors and guesswork
  • improve efficiency and reduce overheads
  • improve operations
  • integrate easily with existing systems

Cubetape automates the capture and transfer of critical data items needed in shipping, warehouse and revenue management and is certified to use in legal for trade applications in major markets.


10ft/3m, 16ft/5m, 24ft/7.5m tape


Imperial and metric units


Common 1D and 2D barcodes

Battery Life:

8 hour minimum, 3 hour recharge


Capture all metrics in under 5 seconds

Track record

Proven with thousands of clients internationally

Working Temperature

-30°C to 70°C

Drop Proof

Up to 1.5m on concrete