Gert Welvaart


We use CubeTape for all parcels where size measurements are important. In our case, these are shipments outside the EU. Transporters work with a volumetric or DIM weight for these packages.

We have automated this in our own WCS, if a shipping method requires package dimensions, it must be entered. Our own boxes have a barcode with which the sizes can be scanned. For reuse boxes and incised or assembled standard boxes, we use Cube Tape. Height, length and width can easily be entered with this.

Previously we used a tape measure for this and the values were entered. We found that errors could be made, especially in high pressure shipping time, and this required post-calculations or incorrectly high shipping costs. We purchased CubeTape to avoid this. It is an easy-to-use device that works with Bluetooth and that you can connect “plug and play” to the sending computer, such as a barcode scanner. Entering dimensions manually is no longer permitted within our ready-to-prepare process.

The result is no longer typing errors, as a result of which the aforementioned costs belonged to the past. We do an average of 50 to 80 packages per day using CubeTape. For this number of packages, CubeTape is a good, cost effective solution that takes up less space than a volume scanner and can be used immediately in our existing WCS after the correct settings in the driver.

Ray Norton


The CubeTape parcel dimensioner and bar code scanner was first presented to me at a PostalMate seminar nearly 2 years ago. I immediately recognised the value of this amazing device and purchased 4 for use in my retail Mail and Parcel centre store.

To say that I’m pleased with my decision would be an understatement. Not only does a single CubeTape replace both an old-fashioned manual tape measure and a barcode scanner, it performs perfectly from the moment it’s plugged in to a computer usb port and charged. It requires absolutely no setup. From the first use, the unit accurately transmits the outer dimensions of packages with the push of a button directly into PostalMate and, when each dimension is recorded, a tab entry has been encoded to move the cursor to the next space. This one feature cuts from 15 to 30 seconds off each transaction.

In addition to the time savings, having accurate dimensions entered into PostalMate has virtually eliminated costly back charges from the carriers due to incorrect parcel dimensions. The barcode scanner portion of CubeTape also works perfectly from the first moment. A heavy-duty rubber cover protects the device even when dropped by a careless employee, so CubeTape seems to be indestructible.

I whole heartedly recommend CubeTape to anyone who wishes to save time and money as well as to add a level of professionalism to their operation.


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