Sending data to a Windows application using the USB RF dongle

C200 is setup by default to connect to Windows using the USB RF dongle
To create a new Windows connection and send data to the active Windows application:

  • Scan Pair:

  • C200 LED will flash green
  • Insert the USB RF dongle in spare PC USB port
  • C200 LED will turn solid blue when connected and data decoded by C200 will be sent to the active
    Windows application
Sending data to a Windows or Android host using a Bluetooth Direct (HID) connection
To create a new Windows or Android host connection using a Bluetooth Direct (HID) connection:

  • Scan BT Direct (HID) followed by Pair
  • C200 LED will flash blue/green
  • Complete connection from Windows Settings>Devices>Add Device, or Android Settings>Connected
    Devices>Pair New Device
  • C200 LED will turn solid blue when connected and data decoded by C200 will be sent to the active host
Returning C200 to default settings
Locking the C200 configuration
To prevent accidental reconfiguration of C200 settings scan Config Disable

To allow reconfiguration scan Config Enable

How does Cubetape ensure accuracy in dimensioning and weight measurements?

Cubetape utilizes advanced sensor technology and algorithms to ensure high precision in measuring dimensions and weight. Each measurement is automatically captured and verified against predefined standards to guarantee accuracy, helping businesses reduce discrepancies in shipping costs and improve inventory management.

Can Cubetape integrate with my existing logistics or warehouse management system?

Yes, Cubetape is designed for seamless integration with a wide range of logistics and warehouse management systems. Its flexible architecture allows for easy connection to existing software platforms, facilitating smooth data transfer and enhancing the overall efficiency of logistics operations without significant system changes.

What types of shipments can Cubetape measure? Are there any size or weight limitations?

Cubetape is versatile and capable of measuring a broad spectrum of shipments, from small parcels to large pallets. While it is optimized for a wide range of sizes, there are some limitations to ensure precision. Typically, Cubetape can accurately measure items up to a certain dimensional and weight threshold, which is detailed in the product specifications to accommodate various logistics needs.

How does Cubetape contribute to reducing shipping and invoicing errors?

By providing precise and reliable measurements, Cubetape significantly reduces the chances of shipping and invoicing errors that can arise from manual data entry or estimations. This accuracy ensures that freight costs are calculated based on actual data, leading to fairer billing, and minimizing disputes with carriers. Accurate data capture also streamlines the invoicing process, improving operational efficiency.

Is Cubetape suitable for use in all logistics environments, such as cold storage or outdoor loading docks?

Cubetape is engineered to be robust and adaptable, making it suitable for a variety of logistics environments, including challenging conditions like cold storage and outdoor loading docks. Its durable design ensures reliable performance across a range of temperatures and weather conditions, ensuring consistent operation wherever your logistics needs arise.

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