Cubetape c200L Series

Cubetape C200 dimensioning scanner

Cubetape C200L Scanner-Dimensioner

For General Shipping and

Parcel Applications

Your operation involves many moving parts and needs focus and precision to function at its best.

And your bottom-line depends on two factors:

  • streamlined productivity at your facility and
  • accurate data. 

The C200L simplifies your operations by capturing product data and dimensions in seconds.

Its predecessors made their mark at shipping stations and warehouses around the world helping users:

  • eliminate excess shipping charge,
  • reduce overheads,
  • speed data capture and processes,
  • integrate with a broad range of systems,
  • save time on manual systems, and
  • eliminate guesswork.

The Cubetape C200L system works with any shipping software (e.g. UPS Worldship, Fedex Ship Manager, PostalMate, SendSuite etc.) to eliminate the manual data entry of length, width and height.

Besides reducing the labor burden brought on by the carrier dimensional weight changes, the accuracy of Cubetape C200L eliminates the cost to your company of data entry errors.

Cubetape also has value for LTL shipments since it can readily record the length, width and height of each pallet on a shipment. When printed on the Bill of Lading and signed by the driver, the dimensions can be valuable documentation to avoid post shipment billing adjustments by your carriers.

Why Cubetape C200L?

Mobile data capture

Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the C200L dimensioning system can be used to quickly and accurately measure parcels and pallets at anytime, anywhere within 10 feet of the workstation. Data is transmitted via Bluetooth to the host system and scanner options are available.

Complete hardware overhaul from the C190

16ft (5m) and 24ft (7.5m) variants with optional BigFoot maxigrip rubber tips for superior grip when measuring large freight and robust body built to withstand rough use.

Easy to use

Requiring minimum operator training, the C200L is used in the same way as a tape measure. Automatic data transfer and a user-friendly interface reduce human-error.

Simple interface and compatibility with your overall system

Make the C200L a part of your overall dimensioning and data capture system with

  • Direct desktop connection via Wireless 2.4G USB receiver
  • PDA/Tablet connection via Bluetooth
  • Direct (HID), Application (SPP) and Low Energy (BLE) connections
  • Wifi edition (release 2)