XXL Ugly Freight

Volume measurement for XXL freight aka ‘Ugly Freight’

Most shipments you handle tend to be standardized by pallet size. However, there are exceptions. We call these XXL freight or “ugly freight”.

These oversized goods result in disputes as shippers cannot measure them accurately. The result – lost revenue.

It is therefore imperative that the carrier measures the freight accurately when picking it up from the shipper’s site.

But how does one go about measuring XXL freight, which is often gigantic?

You will need invest in hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of stationery dimensioning equipment to which you must manually move your freight.

There is a better way. A cost-effective way.

Introducing the new C200 with a 7.5m steel tape.

The C200 is an easy-to-use robust and professional tool that helps you measure large objects in seconds. With built-in Bluetooth capability, it links to your phone or industrial PDA.

With our Quanta App on your device, you can record

  • Product ID,
  • Freight dimensions,
  • Date,
  • Time, and
  • Photos of the freight.

All the data is transferred to a server and can be processed by any IT system you use.