Cubetape c200S Series

Cubetape C200 dimensioning scanner

Cubetape C200S Precision Scanner-Dimensioner

For Master Data Management

Your WMS requires one crucial factor to run your logistics and warehouse operations:

Accurate dimensional data.

Guesswork and traditional methods like manual measurement and data entry just won’t cut it.

Accurate product data is essential for slotting, storage, carton selection, and pick ‘n pack operations., not to mention your other technology and systems.

Most dimensioning systems are expensive, require a lot of space, and are immoveable.

Dimensioning your SKUs shouldn’t require you to redesign your entire warehouse. A bit of tweaking here and there, coupled with the world’s most innovative Precision Scanner-Dimensioner, would do.

The C200S simplifies your operations by capturing product data and dimensions accurately with a precision of 2 mm or 2/10th of an inch.

The C200S’s predecessors made their mark at warehouses around the world helping users:

  • measure and record SKU information with precision,
  • get more out of their existing heavy-weight dimensioning scanners,
  • integrate with a broad range of systems,
  • speed data capture and processes, and
  • save time otherwise wasted on manual systems.

Unlike large-scale, complex dimensioning systems, the C200S:

  • doesn’t require calibration,
  • is mobile (meaning you can move from pallet to pallet with ease, and
  • works accurately in sub-zero temperatures (freezers)

Using Cubetape POS freight dimensioner teamed with the driver’s mobile computer, the driver can measure pallets at the point of pickup and present the details to the shipper for signature.

Besides providing evidence to resolve billing disputes, the dimensional data can be transferred to the carrier terminal with the other shipment data in advance of arrival.

At the terminal, forklift mounted scales can record the weight of each pallet as it is moved from the incoming trailer to the outbound bay door. Cubetape POS freight dimensioner is optimized for both Android and Windows operating systems. Ask your dealer for factory certified evaluation applications.