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As an experienced scale dealer and reseller, you’ve earned your customer’s trust in supplying and integrating often complex solutions. Inline with the industry trends, it’s likely that you’re increasingly seeing a need from your customers to measure freight, with SKU management that requires precise measurements, often with an accuracy requirement of one millimetre. The solution for this need must come at the right price and not all customers can afford some of the more expensive alternatives. This is why we’ve developed our CubeTape Strategic Partner opportunities.

CubeTape is designed to integrate with PDAs, tablets and smartphones, this compact handheld device, does everything your customers need. Most importantly CubeTape delivers a solution that is low cost for your customers but with high margins for you.

With its patented barcode technology, CubeTape eliminates data entry errors. The government-certified dimensioning tool fits in the palm of your hand. It’s not only easier to use than standard measurement methods, but the technology requires no calibration. It is virtually maintenance-free.

CubeTape connects seamlessly with all major WMS and shipping software applications available in your market – no additional software required. While normal package measuring can take 18 to 20 seconds, CubeTape cuts down measuring time, to as little as six seconds and eliminates data entry errors.

As a CubeTape strategic partner, you’ll have the most flexible and affordable solution for your customers. CubeTape is already trusted by leading global logistics and transport corporations, including FedEx, TNT, UPS and DHL.

Are you ready to offer your customers the best dimensioning measurement tool on the market? A measuring device that will save you customers time and reduce errors, all whilst delivering incredible ROI for both you and them? If you’re looking for this solution, let’s talk. Arrange a demo with one of our partnership managers today.


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