Cubetape® is an automated Dimension Calculator and calculates the Volumetric Weight or Dimensional Weight of pallets and parcels in seconds.

What is a Dimension Calculator?

A Dimension Calculator or Cubic Calculator calculates the Volumetric Weight or the Dimensional Weight of an object in order to arrive at its correct, billable weight or chargeable weight for transport. This is not a new concept, Volumetric Weight pricing has been used in Transport for more than fifty years, most carriers delivery charges are based on either the size or the volumetric weight of a parcel – whichever is the greater. The more space an item takes up on a vehicle or an aircraft, the more it costs to send, so if an item is light but large its price will be based on its volume not its weight.

Prior to the invention of automated Dimension Calculators or Cubic Calculators, Volumetric Weight calculations were all done manually. This process was time consuming, complicated and labour intensive, which often meant mistakes were made, or worse, the process was left out completely and the items for shipment were charged on their physical weight, not their Volumetric Weight (which is usually more expensive). Inadequate charges often lead to disputes by customers at the delivery end and loss of profits and revenue for the industry.

Calculating Volumetric Weight (Dimensional weight)

A Dimension Calculator or Cubic Calculator uses the following formula to calculate the Volumetric Weight (Dimensional weight) of your parcel. Using Cubetape to measure the length, height and width of your parcel, Cubetape will automatically:

  • Multiply the parcel or pallet’s three dimensions (length x height x width)
  • If you are using centimetres it will then divide the result by 5000
  • If you are using inches then it will divide the result by 305
  • The resulting figure represents the volumetric weight of your parcel or pallet

Cubetape calculates the volumetric weight (dimensional weight) of pallets and parcels in 4-10 seconds without error.

The courier will compare the volumetric weight to the actual physical weight of a parcel and charge whichever is the greater of the two (also known as billable weight or chargeable weight).

Cubetape is volumetric weight made simple.


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