Interesting article on the Journal of Commerce website today about dimensional weight pricing.

“The debate over dimensional-weight pricing has shifted from if to when it will be applied to less-than-truckload freight, the CEOs of some of the largest LTL trucking companies said at the 2016 NASSTRAC Shippers Conference.”

Read the Dimensional weight pricing article at JOC »

Dimensional Weight is the tariff of choice.

When the two options are either: a) large increases in revenue, profit and customer satisfaction or b) lost revenue, reduced profits, disputes with customers and delayed collections, the choice is a simple one. The above article focusses on Dimensional Weight (dim weight) pricing, the calculated volumetric weight or chargeable weight of a parcel or pallet requiring transport. Dim Weight is now the tariff of choice for the Transport industry as it is the space or shipment volume, rather than its physical weight that needs to be measured in order to calculate the correct chargeable weight for parcels and pallets.

Cubetape is a mobile dim weight calculator that measures a parcel or pallet and calculates the correct dimensional weight (chargeable weight) for each item in seconds. A mobile, hand held device, Cubetape is the revolutionary, low cost solution for shippers to calculate accurate dimensional weight and secure accurate data at the shipping origin point, avoiding back charges and customer disputes at delivery.

Replacing time consuming, inefficient and inaccurate manual methods using tape and paper, Cubetape scans, measures, records and transfers dim weight data in less than 10 seconds, saving time and money. Reliable and accurate, Cubetape integrates easily with PDAs, scales, forklifts, printers, PCs and wireless infrastructure. Pocket-sized and convenient Cubetape measures freight where it stands, there is no requirement to wait in a queue for items to be moved by forklift to a measuring station and no interruption to depot workflow. Cubetape optimizes transport and storage charges, improves the processes downstream and avoids back charges and costly customer disputes and delayed collections.

Cubetape calculates accurate dimensional weight (dim weight) anywhere and any time – in the depot or on the road. Cubetape is dimensioning (volumetric weight calculating) made simple.


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