Without the right tools, Supply Chain Management can be an incredibly onerous task. As the industry evolves to keep pace with demands, new technologies and innovations are introduced, to increase performance and optimize resources.

The freight industry is deploying many innovative items such as smart thermometers, trackers, sensors and other artificial intelligence (AI) based systems, and solutions like Cubetape in the dimensioning area.

A report written by Accenture found that large post and parcel organizations could create more than $US500 million in annual value through digital technologies.  Designed to boost efficiency, these new innovations play important roles in the supply chain industry such as goods monitoring, data collection, the connection between fleets, order tracking and triage, etc. Managing your supply chain becomes easier when you can do so much more with a click of a button than if you had to make a series of phone calls to check up on the chain.

Supply Chain Management Pain Points

However, the industry faces several primary obstacles. Thankfully, there are innovations to address them.

Missing items

One major parcel delivery company in Australia has experienced ‘…problems [that] included unreasonable delay (23%), a missing parcel or failure to deliver (14%) and the parcel being left in a vulnerable position (11%).’

With the implementation of new AI and bot technologies, customers are able to easily track and trace parcels and post, and as a result, will see a significant reduction in losses and delays as well as resources employed.  Real-time data also allows all parties to know where the parcel is at any given time, with the help of geo-based programs and software.

Furthermore, from freight to delivery, it’s possible to keep track of a variety of data such as temperature, stock, shelf time and even the preferences of customers for future services.

Lack of data captured

Often, the issue with data can lie in the capture and recording process. If time-consuming and cumbersome, the data capture process can be incomplete or completely neglected especially if it’s manual and this adds the additional risk of human error. If data is automatically captured and recorded, it is more timely and accurate and can be input into the relevant software and record keeping systems.

Higher quality data, when timely and accurate, enables proactive management and can assist in determining problem areas in the supply chain. For example, ‘Companies can track the performance of pickers in different picking areas to optimize future staff allocation.’

Also, it helps real-time decision making, planning, and resource allocation. Better planning over the long term can increase savings and will speed up all processes. Cubetape completely removes the need for manual data input, improves accuracy and timeliness without interrupting workflow.  All data is sent by Bluetooth to the connected host system, where it can be integrated with existing back-office processes.

Weight and volume inspections

Weight dimensions and volume need to be correct from the initial pick up to final delivery. All freight whether carried on land, water or in the air will be subject to numerous inspections along the way.  In trucking alone ‘Approximately 177 million truck weight inspections are conducted annually.’

Discrepancies in weight or volume may slow down the transport of goods, but more importantly, the adjusted costs and fees will be passed on to you.

Dimensioning and weighing processes need to be optimized because the chances of inconsistent and incorrect data are high, particularly with manual entry. Whilst both accuracy and speed are important, there is a dependency and often one affects the other.

The benefit of using Cubetape when it comes to data capture and collection of dimensional weight is that it is small enough to fit into your pocket. Rather than implementing fixed, bulky and expensive sensors and weighing devices, you can simply use a handheld device.

Whilst there are a variety of scales available, such as conveyor belt and pallet scales, they don’t allow for dimensional weight measuring.

New technology to help

Cubetape is a data capture device which automates the capture, storage and transfer of critical operational data and can help address many of the modern pain points in supply chain management.

Improve your systems and efficiency with Cubetape today.


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