Cube Scanner Technology Designed For The Logistic Industry

Jul 12, 2019

Do you need accurate dimension measurements for your parcels, packages, pallets and more? The CubeTape mobile cube scanner offers accurate shipping costs every time. 

What is CubeTape?

CubeTape is an innovative integrated volumetric management device that delivers simple, fast and accurate capture of all shipment dimensions. Prior to 2007, it wasn’t necessary to have accurate parcel dimensions as all shipping costs were based on the weight of the item in question. However, this all changed as logistics companies like DHL and FedEx implemented dimensional weight pricing system for their ground operations.

This new commercial freight transport pricing system is designed to charge more for lightweight products with larger packaging that take up more space in delivery trucks. The general idea is that you pay for the space your packages take up on a truck, rather than the physical weight of the package. The dimensional weight (or volumetric weight) of a package is calculated based on its cubic size (length x height x width) the result is then multiplied by 166.

(L x W x H) x 166 = dimensional weight   

CubeTape is portable, pocket sized and very easy to use. It’s a leading edge measuring tool and also a barcode scanner that delivers correct dimensional weight and package cube scans for shippers, freight depots and on the road city drivers. With CubeTape, you can collect parcel dimensional data and parcel barcode ID, and integrate wirelessly with existing shipping applications to produce accurate shipping costs for your freight. This helps solve the problem of account overcharges, product returns and back charges.

Benefits of using the CubeTape mobile cube dimensioner

CubeTape is one of the best user friendly and cost effective cube scanner innovations in the logistics industry. “Using CubeTape requires minimum training to operate efficiently as it can be used the same way as a tape measure.”

The innovative integrative CubeTape is a special favorite and barcode ID of IT managers as it features many time and cost saving benefits. Here are the reasons why IT managers feel CubeTape is so great. 

  1. Minimizes the need for backend support

With the CubeTape human interface device (HID) technology, the need for backend support is minimized by eliminating the need to manually enter the width, length and height measurements for packages and parcels. CubeTape also avoids post shipment billing adjustments and can protect you from back charges by your carriers.

     2. Reduces data errors dramatically

The accuracy of CubeTape cube dimensioner devices eliminates the cost of data entry errors to your company. CubeTape helps less than truckload (LTL) shippers easily record the length, width and height of each shipment, accesses shipping applications to get accurate shipping costs and records this on the Bill of Lading. This is a closed system that eliminates any errors. 

     3. Offers easy integration to existing systems

By using the inbuilt CubeTape Manager Toolbox shippers, freight depots and on the road city drivers can quickly and easily integrate with existing weighing applications and software to do more with less effort. CubeTape integrates with the industry leading weighing platforms to deliver seamless weight, ID and dimensional (volumetric weight) data solutions to any environment.

The serial port protocol technology allows for seamless and quick use with computers.

     4. Enables seamless mobile data capture

CubeTape devices are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and easily slide back into your pocket. And can be used anytime and anywhere to quickly and accurately measure parcels and pallets. The measurement data is transmitted to your system via Bluetooth. Parceltools has even Android based solutions for data capture and reporting to back office solutions as well as cloud based solutions

     5. Robust and reliable

Cubetabe consists of state of the art high quality electronics to ensure accuracy and reliability in industrial environments. CubeTape devices are further protected with a durable rubber cover.

All these benefits flow on to your IT managers and department, making their working life much easier and saving them more time by eliminating errors, automating and streamlining processes.

Did you know? 68% of distributors that automate earned more revenue and reduced their business costs.

Help improve your IT department with CubeTape today.



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