The Freight Dimensioner That Saves You Time And Money

Jun 27, 2019

Incorrect package or pallet dimensions are costing your business money. When shipping less than truckload (LTL) size packages it’s now even more important to have an easy to use dimensioner to measure your shipments. The introduction of dimensional weight pricing by major freight carriers has made precise freight measurements necessary, to accurately project shipping costs.

A handheld measuring tool that facilitates correct dimensional weight calculations will increase your business’ productivity. Cubetape is that tool! Cubetape delivers user-friendly and cost-effective solutions that allow you to gain control of this critical shipment data.

Cubetape measures your packages and pallets and integrates wirelessly with existing freight systems to give you accurate dimensions with which you can precisely project your shipping costs. Cubetape effectively addresses the problem of back charges or account overcharges. This is crucial, especially if you ship bulky LTL freights with relatively lower weights.

Why should I care about dimensional weight pricing?

The dimensional weight (volumetric weight) pricing model requires that you pay for space your packages, or pallets, take up on a truck. The actual weight of shipments does not always reflect the space occupied. Therefore, if the dimensional weight of your parcel is different from its actual weight, you will be required to pay for the higher of the two. And if you are shipping UPS you may be charged an additional penalty for an incorrect declaration

A hand-held freight dimensioner

Dimensional weight pricing has made it imperative to have precise dimensions for all LTL shipments. It’s the only way to ensure an accurate rating from your preferred courier service. Cubetape measures your pallets in just seconds and you can then record this information on your Bills of Lading documents. Furthermore, it is the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) approved.

Cubetape is easy to use and eliminates the potential for human error. For example, with manual tape measures, the user is required to physically write, and/or type the dimensions into a system. The manual system is prone to several human errors like operators’ misprinting measurement figures or making data entry errors, leading to inaccurate shipping costs. This can end up costing your business both time and money, rectifying mistakes.

Providing accurate dimensions not only helps to develop trust and build lasting business relationships, it also ensures time & money savings both on your end and your carriers’.


Top Three Reasons LTL Customers Use Cubetape:


CubeTape devices are affordable. One ceiling mounted dimensioner will cost many $thousands. For the same price, you can buy dozens of Cubetape dimensioners.

A single CubeTape C190POS pallet dimensioner unit can pay for itself in a single week. 

Consider how much you can save in staff time and eliminating chargebacks and fees by improving your calculations and getting them right the first time.

Anyone can use it

With intuitive design and features, CubeTape devices can be used by all staff, without rigorous training. This handy device is not only saving time but eliminates frustration as well.

It’s as simple as pressing a button to “record” the measurements. Data is automatically transmitted via Bluetooth human interface device (HID) and can be automatically sent to the mobile or desktop app. You can also use a USB and cable to upload the data manually.

Immediate ROI

You will start seeing the difference in your shipping rates almost immediately. On average, your staff will start to collect up to 50 percent more dimensions during their shift. That is a huge leap in productivity that will undoubtedly make a difference to your bottom line.Get your ROI in weeks, not months or years with the CubeTape freight dimensioner.

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